Below you’ll find the workshops Ella has to offer for OIF22. Direct ticket links below each workshop description, and a full ticket menu for Ella at the bottom of the page.

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Wednesday 10:30-16:30

In life, some of the most profound, moving or hilarious experiences play out in total silence. In this workshop, we will learn to lean on that familiar human state- silence- on the stage, discovering it’s unique theatrical power.

This workshop is not directed towards mime, or even necessarily physicality, but rather the dramatic and comedic impact of not speaking, and all the actions, realisations and stories that rush in to fill space when we’re brave enough to leave it empty.

During the workshop we will cycle through the myriad of ways silence can be utilised to make offers, ground scenes, heighten emotions, develop game and connect with the audience.

Tickets here: https://improneuf.as.me/silence


2-days workshop Friday and Saturday 10:30-16:30, with showcase performance Saturday.

Symmetry, depth, perspective- all words one might associate with a painting more than an improv performance, yet these elements are what make up our world, and are what the audience see when they watch your show. The images we present to the audience affect how they interpret our work, while the physical choreography informs everything from a character’s emotional perspective, to the action of the scene itself.

In this workshop, we will explore how the content of each scene can inform its physical presentation and work with levels and body positioning, distance, stage craft and alternative performance spaces to build scenes that are vibrant, multi-dimensional and expressive. Go beyond space work to unlock the beautiful work of art inside your scene.

Tickets here: https://improneuf.as.me/bigpicture


Sunday 10:30-16:30

If you’ve ever felt like you’re watching your improv scene from the outside, it’s time to drop in and play with emotion. Discover touching naturalistic scenes, heightened comedy and gripping narratives when you relax and allow emotion to be your guide.

This workshop gives you the tools to react instantaneously to any offer with a grounded and committed emotional performance. High stakes and emotional importance are the lifeblood of any scene, and once you know how you feel, the scene unravels before you, so let go and emote!

Tickets here: https://improneuf.as.me/emote