Below you’ll find the workshops Jules has to offer for OIF22. Direct ticket links below each workshop description, and a full ticket menu for Jules at the bottom of the page.

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This is one workshop over two days. Tuesday 13:30-16:30 and Wednesday 13:30-16:30

‘Twoprov’, or duo shows are just shows with two improvisers in. It’s as simple and as complex as that. Ranging from the Two-man Movie, to Bassprov, the art of a duo is to create a show that is personal to the two of you. After all, there is no one else to please and no one else to satisfy.

In this workshop, you will examine skills useful to duo shows including playing multiple characters in a single scene, editing from within and building a show without time in the wings to take stock of what’s happening. You will also examine how to warm up and rehearse as a duo, as well as how to feedback and improve your shows without a director.

This workshop can be taken with an existing duo partner or alone.

Tickets here: https://improneuf.as.me/twoprov


2-days workshop Friday and Saturday 10:30-16:30, with showcase performance Saturday.

What happens when we let go of rules and formats? When we stop worrying about what we’re supposed to do and just play? What happens when we perform the show that needs to be performed today?

In this workshop, you’ll learn the techniques that make for seamless, well-timed edits and allow you to follow the fun. You’ll gain a broader understanding of theme and how to perform improv that is not only entertaining but also meaningful and alive to all possibilities. You’ll also revisit well-known games and skills to see how freeform improv builds on what you already know, to create vibrant, dynamic theatre.

Freeform is exhilarating, liberating and joyful. Whether you’re looking for the next step in your improv journey, or you’re simply keen to rediscover those wonderful feelings of inspiration and mischief, freeform will open up new worlds for you.

Tickets here: https://improneuf.as.me/freeform


Sunday 10:30-16:30

We have all felt the horrible, heavy feeling of a scene starting to sag. Where before there was fluidity and ease, now suddenly
nothing is landing and the more we put in, the less comes out. It’s a frustrating, unsettling experience. 

When a scene starts to die, it’s often because we have failed to notice that something has changed. The scene is no longer where it was before, and we are desperately pretending that it is, holding onto an idea which is not helping us. 

In this workshop, you will deepen your ability to notice where a change has come and how to, without forcing it, embrace that change as fast and as cleanly as possible, delighting the audience and your partner with your dexterity and responsiveness.

Tickets here: https://improneuf.as.me/add-petrol